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If you always thought your body was different, you’re right.

Our science shows that everybody’s response to food is unique, even identical twins. Your metabolism is not defined by your genes and it can change. The ZOE Program can show you how.

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Obesity, diabetes and heart health are not improving.

Current solutions treat weight gain as the root cause of these health problems, rather than a symptom of other metabolic conditions.

Calorie restriction and psychological training don't tackle the root cause of poor metabolic health. We believe the solution is to retrain your biology to change from the inside out

By aiding better metabolic health from the inside out, our program can help to unlock energy, manage hunger, and achieve your healthiest weight naturally.

Gut health


What is the root cause of poor metabolic health?

When diets just focus on weight they fail to address the complex ecosystem that is your body. Research suggests that inflammation after meals is linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other long-term health issues. These make weight management challenging. We focus on how you can reduce this dietary inflammation and improve your gut health.

Gut health
Our Research


Our PREDICT studies have shown that there is a ten-fold variation in responses to the same meal for different people

PREDICT is the largest in-depth nutrition study in the world, conducted with scientists from
 Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and King’s College London.

Over time, repeated, excessive metabolic responses to meals may lead to dietary inflammation. These novel findings were presented at the American Society of Nutrition in June 2020.

Our findings
Holistic health impact


We take a holistic approach to understand how your body works

After three years of development, we have created an at-home test with laboratory quality, based on the cutting-edge tests used in PREDICT. It provides comprehensive insights covering the gut microbiome and markers of dietary inflammation (including both blood sugar and fats).

We then use artificial intelligence to understand your responses to thousands of foods and provide you with a personalized program. These are delivered through our app, which helps guide you as you learn how to let your biology do the hard work for you.

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Holistic health impact


What is dietary inflammation?

We use the term "dietary inflammation" to capture the unhealthy effects that can be caused by what we eat. Excessive blood sugar and fat spikes can overwhelm your body's normal, healthy responses. This can trigger a variety of harmful responses, from blood sugar crashes and hunger to the immune system triggering inflammation.

Repeated often enough these can lead to weight gain and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Our studies suggest "good" gut microbes can provide a protective effect, reducing these negative responses and supporting lower levels of body fat.

Our research


The gut microbiome, consisting of trillions of microbes, plays a key role in your long-term health and weight.

Through our research, we have discovered that each of us has a gut microbiome that is virtually unique at a strain level. Our research published in leading medical journals is also the first to identify "good" and "bad" gut microbes that are linked with specific foods and metabolic health.

As a result, we have developed a unique microbiome test using deep metagenomic sequencing to understand which "good" and "bad" microbes you have. This allows us to provide personalized recommendations that can potentially help increase the "good" microbes that are under-represented in your gut.


Ever wondered how a specific food or meal impacts your body?

We combine Artificial Intelligence with data from thousands of participants in our studies to generate personalized scores, insights and recommendations for any food or meal you eat. These scores are delivered in real-time through the ZOE app, which has hundreds of thousands of foods and thousands of recipes for you to choose from. They provide insights into which foods may help you reduce dietary inflammation, improve gut health, and help you reach a healthy weight.The higher the score, the better and the harder that food will work towards your goals.

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Food scores
Food scores

Insights that support success

Our nutritional science team offers constant feedback on meals you add. These nutritional insights include advice on how to avoid dietary inflammation, nourish your gut, control fat, improve your fiber intake, and better sequence your meals.



At the frontier of science

We've done the hard work to understand the differences in food response from person to person. Our PREDICT studies are the largest nutrition studies of their kind in the world and we’re proud to conduct them in collaboration with researchers and scientists from:
 Massachusetts General Hospital, King’s College London, Stanford Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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Our research