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What makes ZOE unique?
Our at-home test is the only one to start with the whole picture: gut health, blood sugar & blood fat
Your body is unique. That’s why we start with a comprehensive, easy-to-use test to understand your biology from all angles.
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Blood sugar sensor

Get real-time blood sugar insights

We use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)* that’s easy and painless to apply to your arm. This sensor measures your blood sugar in real-time for up to 14 days and helps you uncover how your body handles carbohydrate-rich foods.

*if eligible for our clinical trial

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Gut health test*

A comprehensive, at-home poop test to understand your gut health

Discover your gut microbes with the most advanced test available on the market. Using deep shotgun sequencing, we can identify specific ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut bugs that are linked to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ metabolic health.

*Patent pending

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Standardized test meals

Specially formulated muffins to understand your unique metabolism

Designed to put your metabolism to the test, these scientific muffins are the same ones used in our PREDICT studies. They will provide you with in-depth insights into your unique metabolism.

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Blood fat test*

Blood fat test to uncover how your body responds to fats

Using the same finger-prick tests and cutting-edge analysis used in our research, you’ll measure your blood fat responses after eating muffin meals. This test is the only one available on the market that gives you insights into this key component of metabolic health.
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*Patent pending

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Personalized insights report

Tour your own body with the latest science

6 weeks after testing your biology, you’ll get a detailed report comparing your results to thousands of other people. It will reveal how your body responds to foods including your blood sugar and blood fat responses and scores for meals you ate during the test period.

Gut health guidance

Discover the gut microbes that call you home

Your personalized gut health report will include a Microbiome Health Score™ and the prevalence of 30 specific bacteria  (15 good and 15 bad) our research has linked to metabolic health. You will receive a list of personalized “gut boosters” (foods linked to “good” bacteria), and “gut suppressors” (foods linked to “bad” bacteria)

Personalized program

Put your insights into action with a personalized program

Support your metabolic responses and improve your gut health with a weekly plan tailored to your unique biology and life. Built around your food scores, our app will teach you how to make smart swaps. With ZOE nothing is off limits. Our aim is to empower you with the information and tools you need to make the best decisions for your body.

Companion app

Get real-time feedback on any food or meal

Get access to our companion app for 4 months. You'll receive personalized ZOE scores for thousands of foods you can enjoy freely, based on your results. You’ll discover 1000s of foods and meal suggestions that support your metabolic responses and improve your gut health. Together we’ll learn how to time and combine foods to make them work for your body.

One-on-one support

Reach your goals with ongoing support from our ZOE coaches.

Got a question or feeling stuck? Our coaches are here to help. Access support and guidance through the in-app chat.

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