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“It turns out my blood reacts more favorably to sugar than it does to fat.  This was groundbreaking for me.”

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Before and after pics strip people of their story and perpetuate an unhealthy fixation on body image alone. So we won’t use them. We ask people to define their own measure of success – happiness, hunger, energy, or yes, for some, a change in their weight.

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“Because the ZOE plan is so personalized, I have really been able to feel the impact it’s had on me. I’ve lost weight, but even more important to me, I’m healthier and feel a whole lot better!”
After 12 weeks:
Program followers did not get hungry.
Results from an ongoing clinical trial
“I learned how and what to eat for my metabolism. I feel better and have more energy. I am slowly losing weight and getting healthier.”
After 12 weeks:
ZOE program followers had more energy.
Results from an ongoing clinical trial
“ZOE has helped me eat better, feel better and lose weight. It is at the forefront of personalized nutrition and the science behind it is unmatched.”
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