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86% of ZOE pilot users saw results, including increased energy, a reduction in hunger between meals, weight loss and improved bowel movements.

I think ZOE will last me a lifetime because when I get to my ideal weight, I won’t have deprived myself to get there.
Susan, Pilot User
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Tired of hearing you have no willpower? Us too.

You've been given the wrong advice about food your whole life. Calorie counting and restrictive diets really don't work.

So if you always thought your body was different, you’re right.

Our science shows that everybody’s response to food is unique. Even identical twins.

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ZOE  is built on the largest in-depth nutrition study in the world run with scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, & King’s College London.

Set yourself free. We think diets don’t work because your body is unique and so is the food you need.

With our unique science and at home tests you can finally find thousands of foods that are right for you. No tedious calorie counting. Just eat until you feel full.

We’ll help you find the right balance to promote good gut health, and reduce blood fat and sugar spikes specifically for your body.

Free yourself with ZOE

Common diets vs. ZOE

Join ZOE today and let your biology do the work of achieving a healthy weight.

Why ZOE works

Listen to Prof. Tim Spector, one of the 100 most cited scientists in the world, explain why ZOE is so different.

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Clinical Study: 86% of people who followed the program achieved results.

If you want a one-size-fits-all quick fix, ZOE isn’t for you!

A new you starts with our comprehensive at home test. Combining laboratory quality tests and artificial intelligence, our scientists can understand your unique biology and create a sustainable eating program unique to you.

No calorie counting, ever! Instead, discover lots of foods you can eat freely.

Next is your 4 week eating program. You will reduce dietary inflammation and improve your gut health so you can be your healthiest weight.

You will discover many foods you didn't realize you could eat freely. And foods you thought were healthy for you are actually not.

Then our app will be your companion for the road ahead, with scores for thousands of recipes and foods each personalized to you.

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Why traditional weight loss diets don’t work

Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are not improving. This is concerning, particularly with data showing that these conditions are linked to more severe COVID-19.

Current solutions treat weight gain as the root cause of these health problems, rather than a symptom of other metabolic conditions. Calorie restriction and psychological training don't tackle the root cause of poor metabolic health.

By eating the right foods for your body, you can reduce dietary inflammation and improve your gut health. This leads to better metabolic health from the inside out, creating the right conditions for your body to manage hunger, unlock energy and achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Calorie counting doesn’t work

Learn more from Prof. Tim Spector, one of the 100 most cited scientists in the world.

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Real people. Real results.

I felt hopeless.
190 lbs
Start weight
Read Susan's story
Now, I’m finally 
in control.
164 lbs
After 12 weeks
I was fatigued.
Self reported energy
Tammy's story
Read Tammy's story
Now, I’m full of energy.
After 4 weeks
I felt puffy and inflamed.
46 ½”
Waist circumference
Whit's story
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Now, I feel refreshed.
After 12 weeks



Supportive and informative

Supportive and informative. Much of what I learned reaffirmed things related to his diet affects me but added more research and incites.



The ZOE program has helped me to feel…

The ZOE program has helped me to feel confident about my food choices. I'm able to select foods that suit my body (based on Zoe's feedback), so I'm more relaxed when it comes to shopping, cooking and eating. Taking the stress out of eating is a relief. I haven't been able to lose the weight I was hoping to, but I'm in this for the long haul. As I adjust to selecting more foods that are right for me, I have more energy and think about food less often. I anticipate, with more adjustments, I will lose more weight. The ZOE program is a game changer for me.

Catherine from Washington DC


Easy to use app that helps you tweak your diet based on personalized food scores

I find the Zoe Insights app easy and fun to use. It really helps me track my fiber and fat intakes, which weren't as optimal as I originally thought. I appreciate the fact that various food ratings are user-specific and based on my blood and urine samples and on a multitude of scientific data. My goal is to improve my long-term health and the app has made me realize where I need to tweak certain habits and create new ones. As a result, I have lost weight. Not a perfect five, because some improvements are still needed. I have already recommended the Zoe app to friends.



Interesting, personalized information

Super useful, personalized information about individual metabolic responses to health. The gut biome information was interesting, but less useful. The four week plan was easy to follow and helped create new habits.



Professional and thorough analysis!

Professional and thorough analysis! ZOE did an outstanding job of covering every single aspect of my experience participating in the study. Providing immediate responses through their app and really not leaving much room for questions, their professionalism was great! I would gladly participate in other studies with this group to improve solutions for understanding individual health and supporting optimal health.



The ZOE program had a huge impact…

The ZOE program had a huge impact positively on my health and energy for physical activities. The test period took work and planning but the level of personalization it achieved during feedback was more than worth it. During the 4-week plan the ZOE Insights app helped immensely to follow the dietary guidelines. In my plan things began with two weeks of more restrictive foods I could consume but rapidly widened to very sustainable food choices in the second 2 weeks. Guidance throughout was thorough and I felt well supported by the ZOE team.

Satisfied customer



Quick, seamless and exceedingly helpful app that has quite possibly added more years to my life. I love pausing over items in grocery score and finding out their scores. Thank you ZOE!

W Landry


True insight

The information we have received from our experience with Zoe has been amazing. We are so impressed with the wealth of knowledge from the personal nutritionists we were assigned. The testing was thorough and the results were very detailed. I continue to log foods in the app and take weight measurements as well as BMI measurements to see how I am doing with the knowledge I now have about how my body processes various nutritional elements. The app developers are also very responsive. When we have made suggestions or reported errors, they have been very quick to implement fixes or new features.



ZOE really encouraged me to eat more...

ZOE really encouraged me to eat more fruits and vegetables by providing scoring of a very wide range of both that was specific to my body’s metabolism. I enjoyed trying to get a higher score for each food choice, in building meals and celebrating high scores at the end of the day.

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* Graph illustrative pending clinical study reaching 6 month duration.

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