Predict 2
Stanford Medicine

Understand your body’s unique responses to food.

Food matters to your health and well-being. By taking part in this 11-day study, you can contribute to science and get insights around the right foods to optimize your personal metabolism.

Study Information

Principal Investigator


Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College London, UK. Director Twins UK


Sarah Berry Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer, Department of Nutritional Sciences King’s College London, UK

Andrew T. Chan MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Chief of Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital

Christopher Gardner Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine Stanford University

Jose Ordovas Ph.D.

Director, Nutrition and Genomics, Laboratory, USDA-HNRCA at Tufts University

IRB No. 33432 under Advarra Internal Review Board (IRB#00000971)


EMAIL: [email protected]


The importance of food

The food we eat has a large impact on our health and well-being – from how energetic we feel to the development of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Yet current nutritional advice is confusing and can be vastly improved. When it comes to food, one size doesn’t fit all as even identical twins have different responses to food.

PREDICT 2 is a study run by a collaboration of ZOE, a commercial company, Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford University that aims to measure and understand the unique metabolic responses to food (for example how blood sugar and fat levels change after we eat) in a group of 1,000 study participants.

ZOE is the sponsor of PREDICT 2 and hopes to turn the scientific results from the study into a test and app which will give people the power and confidence to choose the right foods that optimize their personal metabolism.

Study Overview

The study has two parts:

  1. An 11-day at-home study of your responses to food:
    • At least eight days where you will be given set meals to eat for certain meals during the day (these are all vegetarian. Some contain milk and gluten)
    • You will provide a stool (feces) and saliva sample at home and mail it to us (to understand your gut microbiome and DNA)
    • You will wear a blood sugar sensor (sometimes called a continuous glucose monitor) to track your blood sugar and an activity monitor to track your movement and sleep
    • Two days of finger prick blood tests to measure your blood fat levels
    • The logging of every food, drink and medication you consume for ten days with an app (provided)
    • A questionnaire focused on your health and dietary habits
  2. A morning visit to your local Quest Diagnostic patient service center for a fasting blood test to establish a baseline value of key blood markers.

What you may get in return

Once you have successfully completed the study and returned your devices, we will share with you in the ZOE mobile app:

The results of how your body responded to the meals you consumed during the study

Insights around the right food for your unique metabolism, including access to a tool in this app to be able to understand your predicted responses to any meal combinations, including meals that were not tested during the study.

There is no monetary compensation for completing this study.

Your results will also contribute to the advancement of research that aims to measure and understand our unique responses to foods as well as explore the role that the gut microbiome and other markers play in our metabolic health.


  • Adults between the ages of 18 and 70 years old living in the continental USA that meet the Health and Medication criteria of the study (see here for the detailed Health and Medication Exclusion criteria). 19 year age minimum in Alabama and Nebraska due to state laws.
  • Able and willing to provide informed consent to participate in the study.
  • Able to read and write in English.
  • Able and willing to comply with the study protocol, which includes all the activities detailed above.
  • Willing and able to visit a Quest Diagnostics patient service center for a fasting blood test (i.e. without eating for 10 hours beforehand).
  • Willing and able to consume the foods that are part of the study, which are vegetarian meals that include gluten and dairy, and in some cases are high fat or high sugar.
  • Have a mobile phone capable of running the Zoe mobile app, and are able to use it.
  • Able to have continuous access to your mobile phone and to wear the activity tracker on your arm for the duration of the study.
  • Have access to wifi or unlimited mobile data to allow you to download the app for free and upload data during the study.
  • Have a freezer to store the study-related foods required for the study.