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Your body is unique. To know for sure how you respond to food & get your personalized ZOE program, you’ll need to do our at-home tests.


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Test your gut, blood fat & blood sugar responses with our comprehensive test kit. Easy to do at home.


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6 weeks later, get your personalized insights report. Discover your gut health & responses to food.


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Learn the ZOE method & discover how millions of foods affect your body. Get 4 month’s access to the ZOE Insights app.


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Discover how your body responds to foods.

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What makes ZOE unique?
Our at-home test is the only one to start with the whole picture: gut health, blood sugar & blood fat
Your body is unique. That’s why we start with an easy-to-use test to understand your biology from all angles.
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Here’s what ZOE users are saying.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars




The ZOE program had a huge impact…

The ZOE program had a huge impact positively on my health and energy for physical activities. The test period took work and planning but the level of personalization it achieved during feedback was more than worth it. During the 4-week plan the ZOE Insights app helped immensely to follow the dietary guidelines. In my plan things began with two weeks of more restrictive foods I could consume but rapidly widened to very sustainable food choices in the second 2 weeks. Guidance throughout was thorough and I felt well supported by the ZOE team.


W Landry


True insight

The information we have received from our experience with Zoe has been amazing. We are so impressed with the wealth of knowledge from the personal nutritionists we were assigned. The testing was thorough and the results were very detailed. I continue to log foods in the app and take weight measurements as well as BMI measurements to see how I am doing with the knowledge I now have about how my body processes various nutritional elements. The app developers are also very responsive. When we have made suggestions or reported errors, they have been very quick to implement fixes or new features.




Personalized nutrition to help you eat and feel better

Zoe has helped me eat better, feel better and lose weight. It is at the forefront of personalized nutrition and the science behind it is unmatched. What has amazed me is how much better I feel when I eat green foods vs. orange "once in a while" foods and I like knowing that those foods are personalized for me. I also like that as Zoe gets more data, the app gets smarter, so it's just going to get better over time. In addition, the team at Zoe has been very responsive and encouraging and has helped me on this journey. I very much recommend it!


Randi Greenberg


Rethinking the Way You Eat - Easily!

I love the Zoe experience. A little bit of testing goes a long way into exploring how to eat better - not just generally, but specifically for your body! It's an incredible and personalized app to help understand what's best for you to eat. And it becomes an invaluable tool to help build meals that make sure you're eating well (and when might be a good time to cheat a little).


Natalie Ebnet


Great weight loss jump start!

I've had a lot of trouble loosing weight and why not try Zoe! Well I've lost 14 pounds now, and while it's slow, it's coming off steadily. I'm very happy with the results.




Supportive and informative

Supportive and informative. Much of what I learned reaffirmed things related to his diet affects me but added more research and incites.


Eric Goldreich


The Future Of Nutrition is Now

The testing process was easy to follow with outstanding app-based and video instructions. More importantly, the resulting program has transformed the way I eat, look and feel. Plus, the app is fun and I'm enjoying creating new food combinations. I couldn't be any more pleased. I'm recommending Zoe to all my friends.





There aren’t enough words to describe how thrilled I am with Zoe! From the Zoe test to Zoe Insights app it has been a completely positive journey of understanding my biology and how my body functions both internally and externally based on the foods I get to choose to put in it. I used to think of all fruits or vegetables as ‘healthy’ but now I understand that even a healthy item can affect each person‘s body differently. Thanks to Zoe I now have the knowledge and control of how I affect my body because I understand my biology!!




Professional and thorough analysis!

Professional and thorough analysis! ZOE did an outstanding job of covering every single aspect of my experience participating in the study. Providing immediate responses through their app and really not leaving much room for questions, their professionalism was great! I would gladly participate in other studies with this group to improve solutions for understanding individual health and supporting optimal health.


Satisfied customer



Quick, seamless and exceedingly helpful app that has quite possibly added more years to my life. I love pausing over items in grocery score and finding out their scores. Thank you ZOE!