About us

We are a nutritional science company on a mission to help people eat with confidence.

We're based in Boston and London, and are backed by investors and entrepreneurs who have built multi-billion dollar technology companies.

We believe…

The food we eat is the most important medicine we take.

We have a right to better understand our bodies, so we can make more confident decisions about food.

That’s why we started ZOE – to make this vision a reality for everyone.

The founders

Tim Spector

Tim Spector

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, director of the Twins UK study and one of the world’s leading researchers. Author of 'The Diet Myth', focusing on nutrition and the microbiome.

Jonathan Wolf

Jonathan Wolf

Previously Chief Product Officer for machine learning company Criteo, helping take the business in 7 years from start-up to NASDAQ IPO, 2,000 employees and over $1Bn revenue. Jonathan studied physics at Oxford University.

George Hadjigeorgiou

George Hadjigeorgiou

Previously CEO of HouseTrip (acquired by TripAdvisor) and co-founder of efood (acquired by Delivery Hero), one of the leading food delivery platforms in Europe. George studied Mechanical Engineering at Tufts & MIT.

Our Story

All three founders - Tim, George and Jonathan - have had to make changes to the way they eat to improve their health.

Along the way, they’ve all asked themselves the same question: in a world of fad diets and conflicting nutrition advice, how do I know what’s right for me?

In search of answers, Tim turned to his own research - a groundbreaking 25-year study of 14,000 twins investigating how genes, diet, lifestyle and gut bacteria (microbiome) affect how people break down and use food.

He was surprised to discover that even identical twins, who share all their genes and most of their environment, have very different taste preferences and nutritional responses to the same foods.

So there is no one right way to eat - the key lies in understanding how your body responds to food and eating in a way that suits you best.

ZOE was born by combining Tim’s scientific knowledge with George and Jonathan’s machine learning and business expertise, together with nutrition researchers from leading academic institutions, including King’s College London and Massachusetts General Hospital.

We’re now leading the world’s largest scientific study of nutritional responses, using this wealth of data to develop a consumer product that provides clarity and confidence about how best to eat.

(It's George who named the company – ZOE means 'life' in Greek, his mother tongue.)

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