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Understand how your body responds to food

ZOE analyzes your unique gut, blood fat and blood sugar responses. So you can take back control of your health & weight

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ZOE analyzes your unique gut, blood fat and blood sugar responses. So you can take back control of your health & weight

ZOE is backed by cutting edge science

Our scientists lead the world’s largest in-depth nutritional research program in collaboration with scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, King’s College London, Stanford Medicine, & Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Leading medical journal publishing ZOE's breakthrough research

No more guesswork

Discover how your body responds to foods.

Be empowered

Make the best decisions for your own health & weight goals.

Find food freedom

No counting calories. Learn how to enjoy food that’s right for you.

Validated by real people

86% of ZOE pilot users saw results, including increased energy, a reduction in hunger between meals, weight loss and improved bowel movements.

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How it works


Test at home – it’s easy

Includes easy blood & poop tests, wearing a blood sugar sensor (if applicable), test muffin meals & food diary.


Learn your unique responses to food

Get personalized insights into your blood sugar & fat control, gut health & scores for meals you test.


Put your biology to work

Improve your gut health and reduce dietary inflammation with a flexible program tailored to your unique biology.


Sustain change & thrive

Use the ZOE app to stay motivated with daily insights, personalized advice & thousands of foods to choose from.

What the science says


Improving your gut health and avoiding food-driven inflammation are key to achieving a healthy weight & maximizing your energy.

Dr. Tim Spector

Scientific Co-Founder, ZOE
Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College London

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How does the gut influence dietary inflammation & metabolism?

From our research, we can see that the food you eat influences the bacteria in your gut. We also see that certain foods and overall diet are linked to ‘good' or ‘bad' gut bacteria that can help or hinder your metabolic health. Eating the right foods to balance these bacteria may improve your bodies' response to food – reducing harmful dietary inflammation.



What is dietary inflammation?

We use the term ‘dietary inflammation' to capture the unhealthy effects that can be triggered in the hours after eating the ‘wrong' foods for our biology. Repeated over time, excessive blood sugar and fat responses can trigger a variety of negative short- and long-term health outcomes. Our studies suggest ‘good' gut bacteria can provide a protective effect, reducing these negative responses and supporting lower levels of body fat.

From the team behind the COVID Symptom Study

With over 4,000,000 participants it’s the largest ongoing public science project of its kind anywhere in the world.

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